The 2012 Korea-Japan Joint Conference (KJJC-2012) will be held from May 18 to 19, 2012 at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. This Joint Conference, the seventh, is sponsored and organized jointly by the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering & Science (KIEES) and the Technical Committees on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Communication Society and the Technical Committee on Electromagnetic Theory of Electronics Society of the Institute of Electronics,Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE). The BK21 TMS Institute of Information Technology, Yonsei University sponsors this Conference.
The 2012 Korea-Japan Joint Conference is intended to provide an academic forum for the exchange of information on the progress of research and development in Electromagnetic Theory (EMT), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), and Biological Effect (BE) by EMF including Biomedical Electromagnetics. The friendship between Korean and Japanese scholars will be more enhanced through the scientific exchanges in this joint conference.
The last joint conference, which was held in Incheon, Korea on 2009, produced many fruitful results. It is strongly recommended that the principal author for each paper should present his or her work in KJJC-2012 to promote the Korea-Japan friendship by electromagnetics.

  • Manuscript submission deadlinemarch 02, 2012
    April 11, 2012
  • Notification of acceptancemarch 30, 2012
    April 20, 2012
  • Deadline for RegistrationApril 13, 2012
    April 27, 2012